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6 Clever Ways To Keep Your Dog Away From Your Work Desk

Keeping a dog at home is just like raising a child. They demand much of your attention. Fluffy and Fido may get depressed if you leave them alone for a long time. They need all the cuddling they can get.



The situation brought by the coronavirus has become quite favorable for these little furballs. Having you locked down at home gives them all the time in the world. They can easily bother you while you work.

But, there will be times when you can't have a dog sniffing on your desk. Let's say you are about to send an email to your boss when fluffy jumps right in front of you. His paws land on the keyboard and your PC shuts down.


Now, that's frustrating!


You would want to find ways to keep your pooch away from your desk. You can't have Scrappy boop his nose on the screen while you're on a conference call. You need to figure out how to ditch that snout away.



How do you keep the pupper away from your work desk? Here are a few suggestions:

Let them watch TV - Dogs are quite social. They'd get the zoomies around their fellow dogs and other animals. Bring up Animal Planet on your television and pump up the volume. Those doggos would enjoy the sights and sounds of those animals on the screen. It stimulates their brain.

Give them a new toy - A new toy makes an excellent strategy for getting your pup's attention away from you. Dogs are like children. They love toys. If you stuff their toy with peanut butter, they'll love it even better.

Play scavenger hunt - Dogs are natural predators. They love to move around and hunt their food. To keep them busy while you work, stack small piles of kibble around the house and let Fido find them. You can also stuff meat in food puzzle toys and hide in different areas around your home.

Send them to daycare - Sending Fluffy and Fido to doggy daycare while you go to work is a smart move. It's the best place to put your little pooch while you're away. They will enjoy the company of other dogs and have playtime with other caregivers.

Get a dog sitter - If sending Fluffy to doggy daycare is wise, hiring a dog sitter is wiser. You wouldn't need to keep checking up on your dog's whereabouts while you work. You will have peace of mind when you get someone from your friends and family to look after your pup.

Have an early morning walk - Of course, it is best to spend a few moments with your pup before going to work. Try getting up early in the morning and give the precious doggo its early morning exercise. It will not only keep the dog healthy and fit but also give you both some quality time together.



There you have it - some smart ways to keep Fido away from your work desk. The list is not exhaustive. Go ahead and try them out but, bear in mind that dogs could suffer stress when left alone for a long time. There are tell-tale signs of loneliness in dogs. It is helpful if you give your puppy some independence training activities to prevent separation anxiety. But that’s a topic for another day…